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David Coory is the researcher and author with books in the Health, Marriage/Relationship and Bible Niches. His “Stay Healthy by Supplying What’s Lacking in Your Diet” a nutrition guide is New Zealand’s top selling health book of all time. Sales of this book in NZ now exceed 85,000 copies. A new updated 10th International edition was launched Oct 16 and will be launched in the US, CA and UK market shortly.

David has also authored a self-help relationship book to assist women in bringing out the best in their husbands, called “Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood." Countless thousands of copies have been downloaded by women worldwide. Many report their marriages being saved or enhanced and even divorced couples have remarried as women follow the timeless truths in this book. It has also been the subject of a 60 Minutes TV Documentary. It is in the final stages of being translated into Spanish which is due for release on Dec 16.

David’s current effort is focussed on updating his third book the “Condensed Bible” where David has used the world's best translations to produce a Bible that allows people who have never read it to gain the essence without being overwhelmed by its size and afford those who have read it to gain more insights to the teachings contained in it. Throughout all of his writing, David has sought to deliver truths, in a simple to understand language that allows people to be empowered to make informed choices in healing themselves Physically, Mentally or Spiritually.


“I’m getting so much out of this book.”

Tania Wallace

“I have read the Bible many times, large parts were quite often a chore especially the Old Testament. With this Condensed Bible I find it very helpful in getting to the essence, especially with and thereby the context in which the Prophets and the Saviour lived making their words come to life. It has made me hungry for the Gospel. A spiritual experience every time !! The footnotes in this Condensed Bible give me a deeper understanding of the culture in which the prophets and Jesus Christ lived, making their words come to life. A spiritual experience every time!”

Roy Hanson

“Exciting, relevant, easy to understand. Whenever I go to pick it up, I find my daughter has taken it away to read. I’ll have to get her a copy of her own. Thank you for your work in making this happen.”

Peri Kohu

“I have never read anything with such impact. I have read it right through four times now. I highly recommend it. I’m so glad I read it.”

Ed Jessup

“Good Day. My Name is Elisabeth Ramadwa, I stay in Centurion Pretoria in South Africa, I am a born again Christian, have been married for 4 years now, with two kids. I have come across to read a book by David Coory named Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood, this book has since become my best friend, I love it so much and it has shared a light to my marriage. This book brings about the best in me as woman, and it encourages me to do better in my marriage.”

Elisabeth Ramadwa

“Hi David, Thank you so much for this, you have not only awarded me with an opportunity to fulfil my dreams by helping others but you have given so many people hope. May you be blessed. Regards, Nailah.”

Nailah Kippie

“Thank you so much David. I have been facilitating the group for 5 weeks now and I have found myself with tears of joy repeatedly. The women are finding such changes in their husbands and in themselves and we are only up to Secret Number 3! I feel so nourished and happy doing this work. Deepest appreciation to you Jayne, a Fascinating Woman :)”

Jayne Gaynor

“I have read the book “Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood” by David Coory and loved it! I had already read the book “Fascinating Womanhood” by Helen Andelin, but found the new book easier to understand and apply to real life. Anyway, it had a great impact on my marriage as well as on the marriage of my sisters and friend who had also read the book.”

Kristina Pfeifer Germany

“I find your book the best Health Book I have ever purchased.”

B Kempton

“Dear Mr Coory, thank you so much for sending the most generous gift of your book. That was lovely of you. I am most impressed with the content and feel there must be almost a lifetime’s work in it. Your empathy and generosity after the earthquakes in Christchurch will never be forgotten, especially as no other firm that I know of did likewise. I take my hat off to you and wish you well. All best wishes.”

L Wells

“I wish we had this book then (during his mission years) it would have made for an easier way to get people reading and understanding the Bible. It’s amazing the amount of material you have packed into a reasonably small book. The Concordence is superb! The price is most reasonable. Congratulations on a good job. Well done.” Retired minister.

Trevor Shepherd Retired Methodist Minister

“A wonderful resource for those wishing to take responsibility for their own health. It’s a must-read for anyone wanting to look beyond the claims and contradictions that characterise much of the reported research on health issues.”

John MacKinven

“There are lots of health books out there these days. However, if you are looking for something really useful, insightful, well researched and a real treasure of information, look no further. This is the one.”

Jonathan Eisen

“It’s the first time anything I have been interested in and purchased has exceeded the advertised expectations. The book is absolutely wonderful. It will take its place amongst the array of medical texts in my bookcase.”

Geoff MacDonald

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